Small Group Fitness: Big Fun

One-on-one sessions may give my clients a more personal workout, but nothing compares to the energy and motivation of working out with friends. Each week at EB Fitness Training, we’re hosting Small Group Fitness sessions. For now, the sessions are on Tuesdays at 6pm and a limited number of spots are available, so we do request that you let us know you’re coming. 🙂

Why “small group”?North Charleston Group and Personal Training Fitness

Small groups allow my clients to experience the energy and motivation of a group environment, but also allows me to still customize the workout to each participant.  I’m also able to better focus on each client’s form and challenge them individually and not based on the other group members’ abilities. We are currently accepting groups of 2-6. As we grow, I’ll add more nights and morning group sessions to accommodate.

Why EB Small Group Fitness?

During EB Fitness Training’s small group sessions, you’ll get a full body workout. We’ll focus on cardio, core, arms, and legs as a team. These hour-long sessions incorporate traditional exercises along with unique strength training and targeted workouts.

We only allow awesome people to join in on the fun, so you’re bound to make a few new friends..friends who are on the same journey as you are. Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain strength or just get in a quick workout, you’ll definitely get the motivation and energy you need! It’s also just plain fun. And we laugh a lot.

How to Join

It’s simple! Just send us a message at one of the following:

  • Text 843-437-9483
  • Email
  • FB Message
  • Instagram Direct Message
  • Use the Contact Us page at

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EB Fitness Launches New Website

If you’re reading this, then you’re now aware that I’ve officially launched my personal training website! I’m so excited about this next step in my own personal journey and how it will benefit others in theirs.

I once heard an online influencer say “…don’t have a website for your personal training business that looks like you built it yourself in Dreamweaver…”. So I’d like to thank my amazing team from the bottom of my heart for all their work in helping me put together all the puzzle pieces to this website.

Bill and Cheryl of Charleston PR were instrumental in everything from getting me set up, consulting, launching and hosting. We have built and hosted two other family business websites with them and Charleston PR is the absolute best when it comes to responsiveness and knowledge to any questions that come up.

Karen…I can’t thank you enough for taking the words from my brain and helping me put them into coherent sentences!

And last, but not least, my amazing husband who does all the work for our other business, Docent Prodigy. Jason designed my logo, took my photos, worked on the layout and graphics for the website, and so much more to support me in my new endeavor.

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  • Erica Bennett